8 Steps to a Better Business



Face Reality! If you are working too hard and not making enough money, you must first admit to yourself that something is broken in the way that you have designed and lead your business. You and your business have some problems that require solutions.

As a business owner, you need to be more strategic, long term focused and less tactical/technical on day to day operations. If you don’t focus on the entire business, nobody else will. Get a CEO Mindset.

There are only 3 generic ways to compete: differentiation, service excellence and price. You must be good at all three, but excel in one. If you try to be all things to all customers, you will end up being just average to everybody. Select your target market and put all of your energies, systems, people and resources into giving them what they want.

Set and align your business and personal goals because being in business should give you more life.


Working on your business is like working on a building site. The higher the building you’re constructing, the deeper and stronger you need to build your foundations. If you want your business to provide you with abundant wealth, a great lifestyle and freedom of choice, then you need to work on the foundations of your business. By improving your business’ structure, you get to build the foundations of your success. The 8 Steps to a Better Business lets you do exactly that; design, construct and solidify the foundations of your success.

Learn how to control your money and manage cash flow. With a testing and measuring system, you will start to make objective, fact based decisions. Your client fulfillment strategy will deliver your products or services consistently and reliably.


A company without a leader is like a sports team without a head advisor and without a game plan. Leadership, more than anything else, will determine the success or failure of your business. Great leaders share a common outcome – they oversee getting important things done. Leadership is your ability to make others want to follow you and your vision by creating the right climate for your team to succeed.

Learn how to manage your time. Put first thing first. Everybody has a “Natural Ability”. There are some things that you are really good at and just love doing. However, you may spend more time working in areas of the business that you don’t like very much and in which you are not an expert. How frustrating and energy zapping is that? Spend your time working in your “Natural Ability” and your productivity will soar. Hire employees who have a Natural Ability to do those other tasks that are so frustrating.


Imagine for a moment that you own a powerful client generation system that you could turn on and off at will. A system that supplies your business with an abundant number of clients that come back to purchase from your business time and time again, and they spend more each time they come back. You get to work on this area of your business and design it so it provides what you want. It really is up to you!

Create your Unique Selling Proposition that distinguishes you from the competition. Identify your target market and define your ideal customer. Apply the “5 Ps” of marketing to your niche so that you no longer compete on price. Learn the marketing equation and how to design ads that work. Develop a high touch and high performance sales process.



In the last two sections we worked on building a solid foundation for success and creating a client generation system that creates awesome success for you and your business. In this section, you get to streamline your operations so you get to make more profit from each and every sale. Productivity is the key focus within this section and you get to design the level of productivity you want so that your business provides you with more life, not your business taking life. The 8 Steps to a Better Business program allows you to analyze each key area of your business, so you can create a business with greater capacity for success.

Develop a “how to” operations manual so that every employee know exactly how to do every task for which they are responsible the first time, every time. Document your accounting, marketing, sales, customer service, operations and delivery processes so that you eliminate extra steps, reduce errors and maximize efficiency. Implement computer systems that automate all routine functions.


Employment of people generally gives most business owners the greatest headaches. It seems to be where all of the frustration lies for a vast number of business owners. Yet, it does not have to be. You can create a business where your employees work longer and more productively than ever imagined. Your employees will become dedicated team members, striving to create a business for you that not only produces outstanding results but leaves you with more time and energy to work on the truly important things like your next holiday, or building multiple businesses that produce even higher levels of wealth, freedom and excitement.

Learn how to recruit, interview, hire and train a high performance team. Create job descriptions and set goals for each team member. Set your company’s rules of the game and learn how to delegate and make employees accountable. Get the monkeys off your back! Become the advisor of your team and win the game of business.


Now you have a strategic focus, a solid foundation, good leadership skills, a marketing system that attracts and converts customers, systems that deliver on the promises made the first time, every time, and motivated employees who are keen to give you what you want. The synergistic effect of all of these things working together at the same time has you positioned for dynamic growth.

Create raving fans for your business that keep coming back and buying more. Not just satisfied customers, but advocates that give you referrals and do your selling for you.

Improve your negotiation, decision making, problem solving and presentation skills. Build career planning for your employees. Set big goals. Create and communicate your vision.

Create a succession plan. It’s time to appoint or hire a general manager to run the business for you.


Now you have the freedom to work on your business when and as much as you want. Or you can decide to just enjoy the passive income from a successful business that works without you. Now that you are truly a successful entrepreneur, maybe it’s time to start another business. It’s time to think and plan for a life beyond your business.