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Renovantage was created to meet the needs of the Canadian Home Renovation Industry and Canadian Homeowners. It is the only program designed to help protect both the homeowner and the contractor should a renovation encounter problems. We have all seen the dramatic TV shows which continually portray contractors as dishonest, unreliable and looking to “rip off” unsuspecting homeowners whenever they can. This type of propaganda does nothing to help the industry except help the self servicing nature of those shows. Renovantage’s goal is to gain the trust of homeowners when hiring contractors. We accomplish this by requiring all contractors to undergo an extensive background check before they are given Certified Renovantage Contractor status. We stand behind every Certified Renovantage Contractor by providing the homeowner a $25,000 Performance Guarantee. We are the only program, association or 3rd party organization that provides this type of homeowner protection.

Don’t be fooled by other programs that “approve” contractors by having the contractor check off a box, stating that they will abide by a code of ethics. Most of these approval sites collect a fee from the contractor for signing up and don’t actually do any due diligence or background checking. You can rest assured with Renovantage that you have a 3rd party organization that will ensure your renovation is a success and meets the scope of work that you and your contractor have agreed upon.

Homeowner’s do have some protection from government agencies. And homeowners can sue contractors, if they can find them, but this is a very expensive, time consuming process. Choose a Renovantage Certified Contractor and let Renovantage provide you with the protection that you deserve. Contact us at the number above, or fill out the form to the right, and we will send you the Certified Contractor in your neighborhood. They will be happy to discuss the protection and rights that you have when you hire them for your renovation.

In addition to our No Risk Renos Performance Guarantee, you will benefit greatly from our Design Centre where you will work with a qualified Interior Design Consultant to help you choose all of your finishes. With One-Stop-Shopping convenience, our designers will help you choose your kitchen cabinets, vanities, countertops, tiles, flooring, carpeting, plumbing fixtures and all of your other needs. No other renovation company has a dedicated Design Centre and staff to work with you.

All the best with your renovation,

Greg Peterson

President and CEO

Renovantage Inc.

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What our happy RenovantageTM clients have to say

"I’m very pleased with the work performed by your company. Everything looks impeccable and not a single detail was missed. Our house was always left clean. Please pass on our thanks to the workmen, they take pride in their work and rightly so."

- Gloria T.

"I was absolutely happy with quality of workmanship. In fact it was better than I could have ever even imagined. Ten months after the fact I still find myself looking at the work and saying oh my gosh, it looks so good. [Peter] has top work ethic. He was amazing. His quality of work was amazing. He was really up front and also offered great ideas and suggestions. The prices were lower than I had expected, he worked within budget and still gave top quality products and workmanship."

- Shelly N.
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