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Renovating your bathroom is an important and difficult decision that entails a lot of planning. It also involves selecting one of the best bathroom renovation experts on the market so that you can enjoy a smooth remodeling project without any hidden costs, faulty design or execution, inappropriate materials, or substandard workmanship. If you are searching for the best bathroom renovations in Markham and Stouffville, our contractors have the skills and experience to transform your project into a success.

Why Renovate Your Bathroom?

The bathroom is one of the most trafficked spaces in your home. You may have already put a lot of effort into designing and building your dream bathroom. However, even dream bathrooms are subject to wear and tear and suffer from the impact of time. It may be time to renovate all over again.

You can decide to renovate your bathroom for many reasons. Here are some of the reasons many of our Markham and Stouffville customers choose to renovate their bathroom:

  • Increase Value: The bathroom is one area where you see a definite return on the money you invest in its improvement.
  • Add More Space: The bathroom is that place where you need privacy. You should be able to brush your teeth without bumping into your spouse! Many people decide to extend their bathroom to enjoy a larger space.
  • Change the Layout: Another motivation is to change the old layout of your bathroom to make it more functional and useful. Our bathroom renovation contractors excel in this type of remodeling that homeowners require after discovering the weak points of their current layout.
  • Update the look and feel to get a more luxurious bathroom.

No matter why you decide to give your bathroom a complete or partial makeover, our professional designers are here to help you with inspiration and talent and our contractors provide fair and competitive prices along with old-world craftsmanship.

Why hire a RenovantageTM contractor?

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What our happy RenovantageTM clients have to say

"He always sets clear and realistic expectations up front and meets timelines. They were always on time and cleaned up their mess every day before leaving and they are also very responsible. They are very helpful and easy to work with and I have full confidence that they will do good work. They are very trustworthy people."

- Elsie W.

"They were great! They came in on time and on budget and dealt with any issues that came up very promptly and efficiently and to everyone’s satisfaction! I was incredibly happy with quality of products and workmanship. Their work ethic is relentless; I don’t know where they get the time to sleep. They are fabulous and really good to work with. I have nothing but rave reviews for them and the work they have done. Anyone, who gets the opportunity to work with them, will be very happy so I am glad to offer my experience and feedback and be a part of making someone else happy."

- Evelynn R.
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