Build your Brand Part 1: Know your Target Market

Mike Draper writes a 3 part series on how to build your brand for Canadian Contractor Magazine. If you haven’t catcher it there, take a look!

By Mike Draper

One of the biggest challenges facing the renovation industry in Canada is the lack of a common trusted “brand.” Ask a hundred different homeowners in a hundred different neighbourhoods who the most recognizable renovation contractor is and you’ll get a hundred different answers. So, as an individual contractor you’re competing against every other contractor for homeowners’ mindshare.

Properly branding and marketing your business will give you a distinct advantage in the marketplace. Building an effective plan to promote your business is a daunting task. Here are three major steps to get you started.

Know your target client

Knowing your target client is key to your marketing efforts. Every decision should be made with that client in mind. You can begin to define your target client by deciding what geographical area you would prefer to work in. This could be based on your office or home location, the age of the homes in the area, the type of work that you want to do or the area in which you are best known.

Next, you should consider the types of clients that could potentially suit the work that you do. For example, if you love to do basements, then you might be looking for clients who have young kids and unfinished basements – they need the extra space for the kids to play, entertain their friends, watch TV, play video games, setup their larger toys, etc. Another type of basement client might be a couple with aging parents. They need a space that pairs proximity with privacy.

Even though you’re finishing the same space – the basement – you would have to develop different marketing efforts to reach these two, distinctly different client groups. It’s critical that when you develop your marketing plan you separate the construction from the client’s need.

Next week: Target your market

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