Certified Renovantage™ Contractors

Certified Renovantage™ Contractors must pass our rigorous criteria and background checks before they can join the RENOVANTAGE team.

There is so much to know and so many people involved, how do you know where to start? How do you find the right contractor to renovate your home? Unlike building a new home, with a renovation you may be living with your contractor in your home for many months.

Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable contractor is key to a successful renovation project. You are placing what may be the largest asset you own – your home – in someone else’s hands, along with your dreams. You are also inviting someone into your life for days, weeks, sometimes even longer – you need to find a contractor you can trust and work well with.

Renovating your home should be a positive experience – free from worry and stress. You should have full confidence in your contractor and know that you are getting the best. These are all reasons why you should choose a professional contractor. Certified Renovantage™ Contractors have passed our rigorous testing and screening, so you know that you are hiring the best in the business. To obtain certification, contractors are required to:

  • Hold a valid Business License
  • Have been an independent renovation contractor for at least 3 years
  • Have a $2,000,000 Liability Insurance policy and WSIB Insurance coverage
  • Have a valid HST/CRA number
  • Pass RENOVANTAGE’s background checks (credit, criminal, driver’s license, education, and employment if applicable)
  • Provide RENOVANTAGE with satisfactory customer references
  • Provide RENOVANTAGE with satisfactory evidence of its implementation and adherence Operational Systems and Standards
  • Abide by the RENOVANTAGE Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct
  • Utilize the RENOVANTAGE Dispute Resolution Services if required
  • Provide a $25,000 Performance Guarantee as a guarantee that it will meet its contracted obligations to clients
  • Utilize the RENOVANTAGE Form of Agreement with clients in all cases


Ten Reasons to Hire a Certified Renovantage™ Contractor

From start to finish. A professional Certified Renovantage™ Contractor will help you to put it all together – from ideas to design, products to plans, and construction to completion.

Experienced advice. A professional Certified Renovantage™ Contractor has the experience and knowledge to help turn your ideas into great results. They listen, make suggestions, and look for the best way to do things.

Technical know-how. Professional Certified Renovantage™ Contractors understand construction, how to deal with challenges and problems, and how to improve the comfort of your home.

Expert teamwork. Behind every Certified Renovantage™ Contractor, there is a solid network of staff, sub-trades and suppliers ready to go to work for you, all with a proven track record. Their business is an open book; you are invited to talk with past customers, look at their previous work and check out their reputation.

Right Price Renovations™. No need to be concerned about low-ball costing, inferior work or escalating prices once the job begins. Certified Renovantage™ Contractors know what it takes to do something right and prepare an accurate quote, and they’ll tell you everything upfront.

An approved, written contract. Trust alone is not enough. Certified Renovantage™ Contractors back it up with a written contract that spells out your project in detail: what, how, who, when and how much.

Liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage. Better safe than sorry. In the unlikely event of an accident or damage to your own or neighbouring properties, a Certified Renovantage™ Contractor’s coverage protects you from liability and cost.

Warranty. Like any other consumer purchase, all renovations completed by Certified Renovantage™ Contractors come with a 2 year warranty on labour. With professional installation, there is no risk of voiding manufacturer warranties on materials and products.

Service, service, service. Certified Renovantage™ Contractors are in business for the long term. They work hard to earn your trust and make every renovation a great experience. They deliver high quality projects with professional project management so that your renovation is completed on time, on budget and with minimal disruption to your daily life.

Why hire a RenovantageTM contractor?

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  • No Risk Renos™ Performance Guarantee
  • Certified Renovantage ™ Contractors
  • Right Price Renovations ™
  • Interior Design
  • Architectural Design

What our happy RenovantageTM clients have to say

"He always sets clear and realistic expectations up front and meets timelines. They were always on time and cleaned up their mess every day before leaving and they are also very responsible. They are very helpful and easy to work with and I have full confidence that they will do good work. They are very trustworthy people."

- Elsie W.

"They were great! They came in on time and on budget and dealt with any issues that came up very promptly and efficiently and to everyone’s satisfaction! I was incredibly happy with quality of products and workmanship. Their work ethic is relentless; I don’t know where they get the time to sleep. They are fabulous and really good to work with. I have nothing but rave reviews for them and the work they have done. Anyone, who gets the opportunity to work with them, will be very happy so I am glad to offer my experience and feedback and be a part of making someone else happy."

- Evelynn R.
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