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Published in Canadian Contractor Magazine, the Roadmap to $3 Million and Beyond is an excellent eBook for any contractor wanting to grow their business.  This eBook has detailed formulas which are essential for growing your business.  Just click the link below and enter your first name and email address and we will send it to you right away. Click here to download the Roadmap to $3 Million and Beyond    

How will my business be different as a Certified Renovantage™ Contractor?

Certified Renovantage™ Contractors enjoy more freedom, make more money and have more control over their business. Once you are Certified, you create a business you can run efficiently, even if you are not there every day. It all adds up to predictable revenues and profits, thanks to better, more qualified leads, profitable repeat sales and referrals.
  • Thousands of dollars worth of professional marketing in your exclusive territory
  • Group purchasing power that will drive your costs down and keep your margins healthy
  • A Design Centre clients can use as a one-stop-shop for all their colour, finish and design choices, with significant up-selling potential for you
  • The same business coaching that has literally doubled sales for businesses just like yours
  • Access to pre-qualified Associate Members supplying specialty trades, materials, services and value adds
  • A strong brand homeowners will recognize and prefer over your competition
  • Monthly networking with other members to share ideas and trends

Who is Renovantage?

Renovantage is an alliance of the GTA’s top home renovation businesses, contractors, specialty trades, material suppliers, value-added service providers, and  business advisors. Renovantage was started in 2010 by Greg Peterson and Mike Draper, leaders in advising design, contracting and renovating company owners on how to drive success and balance their lives. Greg and Mike realized that no known renovation contractor has even 0.1% market share in the GTA’s whopping $11 billion renovation market. With over 6000 home improvement and renovation contractors in the GTA alone fighting for business, no wonder confused homeowners are crying out for help.

What will Renovantage allow me to offer my clients that I don’t already provide?

Certified Renovantage™ Contractors offer an unparalleled suite of solutions homeowners cannot get anywhere else:
  • Our Unique No Risk Renos™ guarantee that completely removes homeowners’ fears
  • Right Price Renovations™ software that guarantees your profit while reassuring clients their quote is reasonable and accurate
  • A Design Centre clients use as a one-stop-shop for all their colour, finish and design choices
  • Interior Design Services and Licensed Architects who create the home your clients dream of
Clients want a trusted, recognized solution, and the confidence that their renovation will give them the results they want, a reasonable price they can afford, and a result they are proud of. Only Certified Renovantage™ Contractors can give homeowners what they want from a home renovation business – guaranteed.

How does Renovantage get me more qualified leads?

Every Certified Renovantage™ Contractor contributes a fixed monthly amount to our Marketing Fund. We generate a steady steam of leads so that you can benefit from predictable revenues and profits. Not only do you get the same business coaching that has literally doubled sales for businesses just like yours, and group purchasing power that will drive your costs down and keep your margins healthy, your business benefits from hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of professional marketing you could never afford on your own.
  1. Search Engine Optimization. Since 85% of prospects search online, we use all the latest traffic-generating techniques to make sure homeowners can find us on line at renovantage.com, no matter what kind of renovation they want.
  2. Advertising and direct marketing to your prospects. From online pay-per-click with unique landing pages to direct mail and conventional media advertising, we continually test and adjust our campaigns to make sure we drive leads to you.
  3. Editorial coverage and feature stories in the press. Renovantage has been the subject of major feature stories in publications like the Toronto Star and the Sun, so homeowners understand how Certified Renovantage™ Contractors offer a better, no-risk solution... and call us.
  4. Presence in home shows. Our booths in the National and Toronto Home Shows get great traffic and a storm of qualified leads.
  5. Renovations Tips Newsletter. A Renovation Tips Newsletter sent on a regular basis to our database keeps our brand on people’s minds.

What can I learn from Renovantage that I don’t already know?

Over the years we've learned what works fastest and best to grow our home renovation business members’ sales and profits. The core service is built around monthly group meetings where we share learning and news, and hour-long coaching sessions held over the telephone that focus 100% on your specific issues, challenges and solutions. You’ll get real, tested solutions that generate rapid improvements in your business. Nothing theoretical – just solid, practical ways to save time and money, and get more clients.
  • Be more strategic, long term focused and less tactical/technical on day to day operations
  • Develop a high touch and high performance sales process that converts significantly more leads
  • Streamline your operations so you get to make more profit from each and every sale
  • Control your money and manage cash flow to make objective, fact based decisions
  • Hire and motivate employees to work longer and more productively than ever imagined
  • Create raving fans for your business. Not just satisfied customers, but advocates that give you referrals and do your selling for you
  • Improve your negotiation, decision making, problem solving and presentation skills
  • Create a succession plan

If I’m interested, what do I do to find out more?

The first thing we’ll do is chat. Call Mike Draper at 416-319-8855 or fill in the form at the top of this page and we’ll call you. We won’t try to “sell” you on our Certified Renovantage™ Contractor program. We will do a lot of listening: your business history, what you are looking for, how you like to work, and your hopes and dreams for your home renovation business. Our most important goal in this first meeting is to make sure we are a good fit together. We’ll explain how our program works, and answer all of your questions, including what your investment will be (you’ll find it pleasantly affordable.) We’ll be clear about what we are looking for from you: willingness to learn and grow, great references, a solid business history. If you've got the heart to grow your business and dominate your market, we want you to be part of Renovantage.

Why become a RenovantageTM contractor?

Watch our 6 minute overview

  • Certified Contractors
  • Right Price Renovations
  • Licensed Architects
  • No Risk Renos
  • Home Design Centre

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