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RenovantageTM is revolutionizing how Home Renovations are designed, planned and finished with guaranteed No Risk RenosTM.

Only Renovantage Certified Contractors, Architects and Designers offer unmatched security and peace of mind. Find out more! Call 416-840-6566 or toll-free 1-866-334-3940.

Our Certified Georgetown and Milton home renovation experts have the knowledge and expertise to make your renovation a smooth and comfortable experience. The following are a few tips for your Georgetown home renovations based on their hands-on expertise and dedication to excellence of service:

A Good Design Is a Good Investment
The design is the foundation of any home renovation project. However, a good design takes time and effort. We offer a comprehensive range of design elements through our state of the art design center, where you will be able to choose the best products for your home renovations.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Contractor
Our Certified Milton home renovation contractors are background checked so that you can entrust the renovation of your home to their expert hands. We have checked their credentials, criminal record, client references, and more so you can trust a Renovantage™ Certified contractor.

Choose Customized Solutions
Pre-designed home renovation plans might be cheaper, but it will never offer you the uniqueness and distinctiveness of a customized Milton home renovation. Remember that home improvements are meant to enhance the appearance of your house, and also to increase your home’s value.

Measure Accurately
When you buy in bulk, you pay less. But when you buy more than you need, you lose money. The point is that you should measure twice, make the calculations three times, ask a professional’s advice and then proceed to buy the materials. Avoid ordering in several stages as it will cost you more.

Get the Right Materials
Our Milton home renovations can incorporate different materials depending on the project. You will require a different type of tile for the kitchen than your foyer, for example. You need to choose every material with particular attention to the purpose that it needs to serve. Our experts can advise you on the materials best for each element of your home renovation project.

What our happy RenovantageTM clients have to say

I was absolutely happy with quality of workmanship. In fact it was better than I could have ever even imagined. Ten months after the fact I still find myself looking at the work and saying oh my gosh, it looks so good. [Peter] has top work ethic. He was amazing. His quality of work was amazing. He was really up front and also offered great ideas and suggestions. The prices were lower than I had expected, he worked within budget and still gave top quality products and workmanship. - Shelly N.

He always sets clear and realistic expectations up front and meets timelines. They were always on time and cleaned up their mess every day before leaving and they are also very responsible. They are very helpful and easy to work with and I have full confidence that they will do good work. They are very trustworthy people. - Elsie W.

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