How does Renovantage get me more qualified leads?

Every Certified Renovantage™ Contractor contributes a fixed monthly amount to our Marketing Fund. We generate a steady steam of leads so that you can benefit from predictable revenues and profits.

Not only do you get the same business coaching that has literally doubled sales for businesses just like yours, and group purchasing power that will drive your costs down and keep your margins healthy, your business benefits from hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of professional marketing you could never afford on your own.

  1. Search Engine Optimization. Since 85% of prospects search online, we use all the latest traffic-generating techniques to make sure homeowners can find us on line at, no matter what kind of renovation they want.
  2. Advertising and direct marketing to your prospects. From online pay-per-click with unique landing pages to direct mail and conventional media advertising, we continually test and adjust our campaigns to make sure we drive leads to you.
  3. Editorial coverage and feature stories in the press. Renovantage has been the subject of major feature stories in publications like the Toronto Star and the Sun, so homeowners understand how Certified Renovantage™ Contractors offer a better, no-risk solution… and call us.
  4. Presence in home shows. Our booths in the National and Toronto Home Shows get great traffic and a storm of qualified leads.
  5. Renovations Tips Newsletter. A Renovation Tips Newsletter sent on a regular basis to our database keeps our brand on people’s minds.
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