How Renovantage Contractors Work With Customers

Here’s an overview of how your Certified Renovantage Contractor will work with you to ensure your dream renovation is on time and on budget.

Seven Project Steps
1. Needs and Budget Discussion
2. Preliminary Agreement
3. Design Phase
4. Plan Approval and Work Order
5. Design and Finish Selections
6. Pre-Construction Meeting
7. The Renovation

Needs and Budget Discussion
At the first meeting, we discuss project preliminary scope, your needs, your wants, concerns, and budget. We’ll get to know each other, and you can decide if you want to engage a Renovantage licensed interior designer or Architect as part of your renovation team.

Preliminary Agreement
The Certified Renovantage Contractor prepares budget range for your approval based upon the preliminary scope of work discussed at the initial meeting.
This is the basis for our working relationship, but is not a detailed work order. Then we’ll set a date to come to your home for measurements and more discussion to make sure you’re happy with the direction we are taking.

Design Phase
We present preliminary plans, with floor plans, elevations and samples as necessary.
We also provide a detailed Right Price RenovationsTM quotation, based on what you want, the latest local costs, and our expertise and recommendations on how to get your work done effectively and efficiently.

Plan Approval and Work Order
After discussion and modifications, you will approve a final plan and a detailed scope of work as part of our No Risk RenosTM service.
Once you’ve approved it, we’ll ask you for a deposit of 10% – 20% of the final approved cost in advance of going to the next step.
Remember, unless you change the design specs, your quote is guaranteed. And only Renovantage provides a Performance Guarantee worth $25,000 so you can be sure everything that’s been agreed on will be delivered to your satisfaction, on time and on budget.

Design and Finish Selections
Our Design Centre consultants will guide you through the decisions on cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, countertops, colours and finishes,. You’ll find a huge array of choices under one roof.

Pre-Construction Meeting
We meet to review the final design, construction plan and schedule, confirm all specifications, and order the elements you have selected.
Now’s the time to make those final decisions and establish the construction ground rules.

The Renovation
A Certified Renovantage Contractor will live up to every word in your agreed plan – guaranteed. Your agreed renovation will be finished on time and not even a cent over budget.

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