No one can even come close to the guarantees we provide. Your kitchen will be everything you've always wanted, and not even a cent over budget.

If you’ve ever been through a kitchen renovation, you already know there’s a lot to think about in addition to stunning design and sparkling finishes.

For example, the traffic patterns in your family’s use of the kitchen should guide your design; not just the classic stove to sink to refrigerator triangle, but also think about the traffic patterns from the back door to desk, coffee maker to toaster, and island to pots and pans to sink. Think in “zones”: homework zone, snacking zone, meal preparation zone, baking zone, with items stored close to where they are used. Download Your Dream Kitchen Planning Worksheet and Dream Kitchen Renovation Tips to help you plan. (See more information sheets at the bottom of this page.)

Finding professionals you can trust to create what you want, on time and on budget, can be a real challenge.

A Certified Renovantage™ Kitchen Renovation Contractor will guarantee absolutely everything about your job, and deliver stunning results with no surprises along the way. Watch our 3 Minute Video Overview to learn more about how we are reinventing renovations!

  • Pricing You Can Live With. Some kitchen renovators will quote a low price to get the job – and surprise you later with add-ons. A Certified Renovantage™ Contractor always provides fair, detailed, competitive quotes.
  • Performance Guarantees You Can Count On. Never fear that your kitchen renovation will not be completed. All RENOVANTAGE kitchen renovations come with a $25,000 Performance Guarantee so you know you will get the dream kitchen you contracted for.
  • Certified Professionals Who Are Experts. Certified Renovantage™ Contractors have passed an intensive review, including detailed checks of their background, references and business credentials.
  • Kitchen Renovation Contractors You Can Trust. Our Certified Renovantage™ Contractors follow the RENOVANTAGE Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct, and Operations Systems and Standards.

The RENOVANTAGE Design Centre

Part of creating your dream kitchen is choosing from among hundreds of cabinets, flooring, colour and finishes – often an exhausting and confusing experience. There’s so much to choose from! Until now, homeowners would literally travel all over the city, visiting dozens of suppliers, to choose their finishes.

Let our design consultants work with you to make it easier. In an intimate, boutique atmosphere where the entire focus is on homeowners and their needs, you’ll get the undivided attention that shopping at multiple stores cannot possibly provide. Many of our clients make all their choices in one three or four hour visit.

Why hire a RenovantageTM contractor?

Watch our 3 minute overview

  • No Risk Renos™ Performance Guarantee
  • Certified Renovantage ™ Contractors
  • Right Price Renovations ™
  • Interior Design
  • Architectural Design

What our happy RenovantageTM clients have to say

"He always sets clear and realistic expectations up front and meets timelines. They were always on time and cleaned up their mess every day before leaving and they are also very responsible. They are very helpful and easy to work with and I have full confidence that they will do good work. They are very trustworthy people."

- Elsie W.

"They were great! They came in on time and on budget and dealt with any issues that came up very promptly and efficiently and to everyone’s satisfaction! I was incredibly happy with quality of products and workmanship. Their work ethic is relentless; I don’t know where they get the time to sleep. They are fabulous and really good to work with. I have nothing but rave reviews for them and the work they have done. Anyone, who gets the opportunity to work with them, will be very happy so I am glad to offer my experience and feedback and be a part of making someone else happy."

- Evelynn R.
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