Contractor Coaching


Our one-on-one business coaching for clients provides customized support, follow-up and attention. Often business owners feel overwhelmed, alone, fearful, or out of control. However, they need to vent. They need someone to help them see the reality of a situation, the options, and potential solutions. Just as importantly, business owners need an advisor with the business knowledge, experience and skills to provide them with the guidance, support and mentoring required to solve their problems.

Over the years we’ve learned what works fastest and best to grow our home renovation business members’ sales and profits. Our customized coaching sessions focus 100% on your specific issues, challenges and solutions. Throughout the business coaching aspect of the program, you will also gain the business knowledge to run your business profitably and how to put systems in place so that the business doesn’t rely on you.  Making this transition is key to living a balanced life of work and leisure.

Once most contractors have been in the Renovantage program for a number of months they realize that the business coaching provides a significant impact on the success of their business. The coaching is a key success factor in all businesses.  It is not just about doing the construction, it is about running a successful, profitable business.  We are master coaches with years of experience working with contractors and suppliers to the construction industry.  We have worked in this industry for a long time and have successfully helped a lot of contractors just like you.


Make Your Business Run Without You – Predictably, Efficiently, Flawlessly, and Profitably.
When you apply the 8 Steps to a Better Business® methods you can:

  •  “Make your business run like a franchise”
  •  “Make your employees eager to give you what you want”
  •  “Replace yourself with processes that you can teach to others”
  •  “Mine the untapped profit centers hiding in your business”
  •  “Design foolproof “systems” that eliminate mistakes and frustrations”

Not only will you enjoy more sales and profit, you’ll finally experience the freedom you’ve worked so hard to achieve. At Renovantage, we work with small business owners to teach you the skills and systems required for you to build a successful, profitable business.

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