Access To The Renovantage Design Centre


Renovations are extremely complicated for the homeowner.  There are often hundreds of decisions and selections that have to be made to complete a renovation. Previously homeowners had to travel all over the city, literally visiting dozens of suppliers, in order to complete all of their selections. It’s frustrating, time consuming and confusing. Homeowners often get decision fatigue and they run out of gas.

This is the primary reason for renovation projects being delayed: late decisions and last minute change orders. Our Design Centre makes clients ecstatic and helps you avoid costly last minute change orders.

The Renovantage Design Centre is conveniently located near Hwy 400 and 407 providing easy access from anywhere in the GTA. An Interior Design specialist will work with your clients to help them pick out all their selections, typically in a 3 – 4 hour visit.  This will help you get the project done on time, since all of the selections will be made upfront not throughout the project.  Visiting the Design Centre with your clients gives you a wonderful opportunity to introduce them to higher-end finishes, materials and hardware. You also make money from it and from all the upgrades a client does.

Developed with as much careful consideration of the “experience” as the process itself, every moment of a homeowner’s experience has been carefully planned and executed. Providing an intimate, boutique style experience, the Design Centre has elevated the selection process to another level.


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