Hear what the Contractors have to say about how Renovantage has helped make their business successful:

Sometimes you get so focused on the doing part of the business that you can’t see the big picture. I used Greg as a coach to help me stay disciplined and make sure I was on my way to the next goal. With his help, our sales were tracking at $1 million after just 1 year in business. Following the principles and techniques that he taught us for the last 3 years, our sales have improved every month and we’re now over $3,000,000 in sales per year!

Wayne Lowe, Granite Transformations, Oakville

This Testing and Measuring is awesome; I’ve learned more in 10 weeks about my business than I have in 10 years. I now look at my business totally differently and I finally have a plan that’s working. I’ve been trying to hire a new locksmith for years. Using one of his recruiting strategies, I hired a new team member in only a few weeks. After only 4 months of working with Greg, our sales are up 31% over this time last year. And that’s our first revenue increase in over 10 years!

Norm Kurczyk, Oaktown Lock and Hardware, Oakville

When I first started working with Greg about 4 years ago, we were really struggling with cash flow problems and I really had no idea how we were doing. Since then, we’ve implemented a complete accounting system and I get monthly financials, key performance indicators and cash flow forecasting. Now I am on top of everything, everyday. Our revenues are up 282% and our profits have grown a whopping 953%. More importantly, I’ve gone from working over 80 hours a week to less than 40 hours. I now have a life besides work. I even eat dinner with my kids everyday for the first time in their lives! I took a summer vacation this year for the first time ever. My entire family, including my parents and my brother’s family, went to Italy for 3 weeks. When I came back, my managers had things working better than before I left. If you are thinking about working with Greg, stop thinking and get going!

Louie Liberta, Lincoln Paving, Etobicoke

Working with Greg has given me the confidence to take my business to the next level. I have always been too worried about getting bigger. With our new systems and processes, I now know that I can do it successfully. For example, we used to spend 2-3 hours to do an estimate. Now it only takes about 10 minutes and we are much more accurate. Last week we quoted over $1,000,000 in new business and we won all of it! It would have taken us 6 months to do that before. We’ve already sold enough to double our revenues this year, and we are on track to triple them!

Walter Piersanti, WP Stucco, Hamilton

I like the positive acknowledgement that I can do it! I now have a plan to succeed. My revenues and profits are both up 50% this year.

David Males, Northern Edge Construction

I am very satisfied with the 8 Steps program. I especially like the class setting. The greatest benefit I have received is the self-realization of my potential. My revenues are up 25% and profits about 15%.”

David Spinelli, Spinelli Construction

This program has given me hope for great success. My revenues and profits are up 60%! I definitely recommend the 8 Steps to a Better Business program.

Mark Jackson, Jackson and Associates

I appreciate having access to an experienced opinion. Your guidance and your positive support gives me confidence“.

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